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Corporate Policies

At EI RFID Private Limited, we firmly believe that safety of all our employees and all the stakeholders associated with our project sites and manufacturing facilities is of utmost importance. Safety is an essential and integral part of all our work activities which includes planning, design, procurement, fabrication, construction, installation & commissioning of facilities, products, manufacturing processes and services. We believe that incidents or accidents and risk to health are preventable through the active involvement of all the stakeholders, thereby creating a safe and accident-free work environment.

With regard to safety objectives, EI RFID will: -

Comply with the requirements of all relevant statutory, regulatory and other provisions

Create and promote safety awareness to protect all stakeholders from foreseeable work hazards and risks through campaigns and training programs among employees, business associates and clients

Provide appropriate level of training and support to the management and employees to ensure that they are able to fulfil safety responsibilities & commitments

Work & train with our inhouse technical staff such that they follow safe working culture so as to comply with the safety policy of the engaging company while keeping in mind the factory safety rules, procedures, system and safe practices

Ensure that appropriate resources are available to fully implement the safety Policy and continuously review the policy’s relevance with respect to legal and business development

The management sincerely believes that the safety related incidents are preventable by coordinated team effort of all stakeholders and through shared individual responsibility at all levels for safety issues, there by aiming to achieve continuous improvement and overall success of our safety program