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Ticketing Systems

We take pride in offering hardware based ticketing system suiting your nature of business. We offer options with RFID, Biometric, Barcode / QR code, Magswipe and normal printout based solutions. Our ticket dispensing KIOSKS along with barrier based validation devices offer you savings in terms of man power utilization. Further we also offer web and mobile based monitoring stations.

Ticket Plus is our in-house online solutions tailor made for theaters, amuesment parks, mueseums and any other public gathering places. It eliminates the requirement of manual stamping at each point of access also it can work with multiple payment options including free pass. Further it enchances saftey by offering real time head count statistics.

We focus on:

- Automated e - initiative based on RFID ( HF& UHF ) QR Code, Bar code or simple paper pass

- Reduced congestion at the entry and exit gates

- Reduced evacuation time

- Bringing down transaction cost by 15 to 20%

- Transparent system

- Web based solution for ticket issuance

- Can be integrated with any legacy system on demand

- Online payment using payment gateway

- Management Information Reports