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EI 863

“This is a UHF Tag reader. On flashing the tag it picks up the tagID from the tag.

This UHF RFID reader can be used as a intelligent device with built-in micro-controller and memory or a reader which will read tag ID and send desired weigand bit pattern to door controller. This is factory programmable.

Based on the pre-configured Access levels and successful authentication, Access will be Granted or Denied.

This UHF RFID reader has a long read range up to 3m-4m and a fast reading speed based on the logic built. It can be used widely in RFID systems, such as logistics and ware house management, intelligent parking management and productive lines management, etc.

- Supports EPCGlobal Gen2 ISO (ISO 18000-6C)

- Supports frequency range 865 to 870 MHz extendable upto 865 – 965 MHz based on antenna.

- Fast verification and authentication processing time; less than one second.

- Built-in Ethernet interface (RJ45)

- Weigand interface to communicate with Door Controllers

- Audio-Visual feedback with LED and Buzzers

- Built in controller and Memory

Output Interface Ethernet (TCP/IP) or weigand Interface
Inputs 2 inputs optically isolated
Voltage requirement 12 - 14Vdc
Power consumption Idle 1.1 W upto 6.5W on activated usage
Read range 1 – 20 mts
Operating temperature 0oC to + 55oC (32oF to 131oF)
Relative humidity 90% max, operating non-condensing
Reader dimensions 198mm x 105mm
Antenna Dimension 305 mm x 305 mm x 80 mm
Status LED’s Tri-colour LED (Amber, Green & Red)
Audible Annunciator Buzzer
Weight 2 Kg with antenna approx
Color Charcoal Grey
Output 1 Potential Free DC Relay
Warranty Policy Warranty for 1 year against defective