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Asset Tracking

Our Smart solution to automate your data centre, IT and office hardware asset tracking and audit via handheld barcode & RFID readers, cutting the time to perform asset inventories by an order of magnitude over manual methods. Fixed readers, positioned at entrances and exits, detect assets moving in and out of the Office premises, automatically updating the asset repository and notifying appropriate personnel. Technicians can use handheld RFID scanners or barcode scanners to quickly install, move or view racked asset information. As with all asset data collection, exceptions are instantly identified and resolved, resulting in 100% database accuracy.

Our functionalities include:

- Collect and maintain complete, current and accurate hardware asset data

- Methodical and accurate calculation of Fixed and Movable/ Current assets

- Proper logging of Issue/ Return of assets

- Proper accountability through OUTWARD and INWARD mechanism

- Systematic check of physical inventory

- Proper update of the asset life cycle/period including warranty processing and depreciation

- Calculation of recoverable cost

- Save time and make Asset tracking Easy

- Cost effective & prevents asset mismanagement and theft